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Which battery and charger?

If there are no special requirements or other recommendations mentioned, use rechargeable 8,4V NiMH batteries. They are the best for weapons' durability. Stronger, ie 9.6 V can also be used, but are more suitable for more powerful weapons with a stronger spring, also a slightly higher wear of the internal parts is expected.

Some players use Li-Polymer (Li-Ion) batteries, which certainly have a lot of advantages. But if you are a beginner or do not want to deal with a complex maintenance, then we do not recommend it.

An important aspect is battery shape. Choose battery which fits into your gun. In the parameters of the weapons we always show suitable type battery including a link to the appropriate type. If you are not sure which battery to use, please contact our technician, who is able to test it for you.

We offer chargers for NiMH batteries, and for LiPo batteries. As we stated above, we will concentrate on the charger for NiMH batteries. The cheapest chargers are only charging a battery, but do not turn off automatically, so you have to keep an eye on it while charging. They are cheap, but from a user perspective it is not comfortable. Therefore we recommend as an ideal charger so. We recommend smart chargers, which automatically turn off. One of the most popular models is HN3020.

Cheap chinese airsoft guns have usually batteries and chargers included, but their quality is very low. They are only intended for testing weapons. They are not suitable for permanent use and later branded battery charging. We highly recommended to buy better battery for future use. This accessory is provided as a free gift and is not covered by warranty.