Our company offer also wholesale service. We ship worldwide. Our wholesale customers are mainly from the Czech and Slovak Republic, France, UK, Belgium, Spain, Finland... etc. Became one of them. Became our satisfed wholesale partner!

We don`t have special dedicated wholesale pricelist. You can see all our products with the discount price on e-shop. Of course after your wholesale account setup. Discount value depends on product.

How to setup e-shop wholesale account?

  1. • Make registration on our e-shop. Send to us (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) your registered e-mail address. Send to us also your business ID and EU VAT registration number (if you have). Send to us your basic company info. (number of eployee, www address... etc.)
  2. • After our approval we will change your e-shop account from normal to wholesale. After your log-in all products appears with new discouted price. If you are EU VAT registered, eshop will show price without VAT.

How to do shopping?

Log-in with your account on our e-shop. Make sure you see bellow products discounted price. Just simply put goods in the "basket". It is available ony for "in stock" items. So you can buy only what we really have in stock. When you complete adding into basket, just proceed checkout. Payment options are wire transfer, PayPal or Credit card payment.

Minimal open order is 20.000 CZK (around 800 Euro) without 20% VAT. Next orders are without limits.

Shipping cost:
We ussually ship parcels with GEIS / DPD courrier with the tracking number. Shipping fare are counted by eshop system and depends on the destination, payment method and weight of the shipment.

You can pay directly after order checkout. If you select wire transfer, follow bank information in the confirmation Email.

You can use our photos and text for your business purpose. But only AirsoftPro products, which are without watermark.

We offer 1 months warranty for airsoft guns. We recommend you to check all received guns after receive. Airsoft gun failures after this period will be fully covered by each business partner. For parts and accessories is warranty 2 years.