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AK parts

SKU: 341
Dust cover for gearbox 3 [ICS]
SKU: 2138
Complete selector switch for AK [CYMA]Complete selector switch for AK [CYMA]
SKU: 4205
Metal AK47 stock pad [CYMA]Metal AK47 stock pad [CYMA]

Metal AK47 stock pad [CYMA]

149 Kč
in stock
SKU: 4655
AK-47 AEG cocking handle [JG]AK-47 AEG cocking handle [JG]
SKU: 4554
Complete metal AK47 front sight [JG]Complete metal AK47 front sight [JG]
SKU: 434
Upper receiver button for AK [ICS]
SKU: 1799
C07 AK74 Aluminum Handguard Top Rail [CYMA]C07 AK74 Aluminum Handguard Top Rail [CYMA]
SKU: 4551
Cap of the AK selector switch screw [JG]Cap of the AK selector switch screw [JG]
SKU: 5610
Metal AK-47 bolt cover [CYMA]Metal AK-47 bolt cover [CYMA]
SKU: 4733
Selector switch for AK47 [JG]Selector switch for AK47 [JG]
SKU: 4662
AK74 retractable M4 stock adapter [JG]AK74 retractable M4 stock adapter [JG]
SKU: 492
AK74 stock lock button [APS]

AK74 stock lock button [APS]

220 Kč
in stock
SKU: 2421
CM028U foldable stock [CYMA]CM028U foldable stock [CYMA]

CM028U foldable stock [CYMA]

450 Kč
in stock
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