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Terms of Services

E-shop Operator

The operator and supplier of the goods is ArmaPro s.r.o, Company ID: 02747758, VAT No .: CZ02747758.

The company is registered in the Commercial Register under file number C 33351, kept at the Regional Court in Hradec Kralove.

Purchase contract

Before purchasing, please make sure you familiarize yourself with your business and warranty conditions in your own interest.

All orders received by phone, email or via e-shop are considered to be obligatory. By submitting the order, the buyer confirms that he has become familiar with the claim and these terms and conditions and agrees with them. At the time of sending the order, a purchase contract is established between the seller and the buyer. Confirmation of this order (purchase contract) is automatically sent to the e-mail in the order.

The place of delivery is the delivery address indicated by the buyer in the order form.

Goods falling under the Weapons and Ammunition Act No. 119/2002 Coll. (Category D firearms) are only sold to people over the age of 18. Orders for these goods can only be made through an e-shop (not by telephone or email). By agreeing to the terms and conditions you confirm that you are a person over the age of 18.

How to buy

You can (but not necessarily) register, to buy in our e-shop. However, by creating an account at AirsoftPro you will be able to buy faster, get an overview of your orders and other information.

You can order the goods by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button to insert the selected item into the shopping cart. You select and store the other items in the same way. The basket remembers all the items you have entered while viewing our store. We recommend signing up before buying, and if your PC is restarted, the item will remain in the basket.

The amount of items in the basket can be adjusted as required. To enter the changes, you must press the button with the two arrow keys. If the goods are not in stock or if you do not have enough stock you require, you will only be informed when the goods are in the basket. So try to reduce the number of pieces or throw the item out of the basket. If you need to delete any of the items in the basket, retype the number of items to zero and press the Recalculate button.

Our e-shop offers goods that are actually present in our warehouse. Thanks to this we can send your order very quickly. Items that are currently sold can not be placed in a basket. The "Buy" button is inactive. If you are interested in such goods, you can request a download notification on the product page.

Once you have your basket filled with everything you want to order, please add shipping and payment information below. Furthermore, the contact, or delivery address. You must agree to these terms and conditions before confirming your order. If everything is OK, by clicking on the Confirm Order button, the binding order will be sent to our database. Once you have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email at the address given to you.

Orders received are usually sent on the following business day. The supplier (see the operator) reserves the right to extend this period if the goods are not in stock or other unforeseen events occur. In that case, the customer will be informed immediately by e-mail or by telephone.

Cancellation of orders by buyers

The buyer can withdraw his order (cancel) within two hours of making an order via e-mail to, the word "CANCEL" must be mentioned in the subject. Or use the contact form in our e-shop contacts. If the buyer cancels the order later and the seller does not send it (and confirms the cancellation), the supplier agrees to cancel the order. Sent orders can no longer be rescinded, and they should be accepted by the customer or paid for by postage and packing. If the customer has already paid for the order (for example, by transfer, credit card, etc.), this amount will be refunded within 10 days of the order cancellation.

Cancellation of the order by the seller

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part of it in the following cases: the goods are no longer produced, supplied, not in stock, the defect was found during packing, or the selling price was incorrectly stated. The customer will be informed of the cancellation of the order and its reason.

Payment Terms

Customer can choose one of the payment method bellow

• Wire transfer (Only for EU residents).

• Payment by credit card (VISA, Master Card)

• Payment through PayPal.

All prices listed in our price list are contractual and final - the operator is a VAT payer and price include VAT.


Any complaints will be settled in accordance with the Operator's Complaint Procedure and the applicable law in the Czech Republic. The Complaint Procedure Code is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

Withdrawal from the sales contract

Goods that have been purchased using remote communication tools can be returned within a 14-day period. Within this time, you can return the goods (send them to our business address). Goods must be undamaged, complete with accessories, and we highly recommend returning the goods in their original packaging. In the case that any damage or wear is detected on the shipped goods or packaging, the returned purchase price may be deducted from the actual costs incurred in bringing the product back to its original condition.

In the case of sending by mail, send to our company address (ArmaPro s.r.o, Husova 1955, 53003 Pardubice, Czech Republic). Properly pack the goods in order to avoid damage to the shipment and attach the accompanying letter of withdrawal within 14 days period. In the letter, please provide your contact address, phone number and bank account number to which you wish to refer the refund. If the goods meet the conditions for return within the statutory time limit, money will be returned to you immediately. Not later than 14 days. If you return all the goods from the shipment, we also return the postage according to EU directives. If you return only part of the goods from the shipment, postage and packing are not returned. Postage costs for sending goods to us are debited by the customer as a sender. Do not send the returned goods on delivery - no such shipment will be accepted. The consumer can not withdraw from a contract for the supply of goods, which has been adjusted to the wishes of the consumer or his person.

Appendices or deviations in the order

The seller does not accept any additions or deviations in the order except for the request to be sent to another address or other telephone contact. All non-standard requirements must be discussed in advance and agreed in writing by the vendor.

Protection of personal data

We handle personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Directive under Directive 95/46 / EC. You can find the full text here.

Technical Data

The specifications are based on the manufacturer's specifications and are purely indicative. The manufacturer or importer reserves the right to any deviations.

Final Provisions

These Terms and Conditions apply in the wording given on Seller's website on the date of the electronic order submission by the buyer.

By sending an electronic order, the Buyer accepts all the terms and conditions of the Business Terms and Conditions, as applicable on the date of dispatch of the order, as well as on the date of dispatch of the order, the valid price of the ordered goods (including shipping or postal) stated in the Operator's catalog, unless otherwise specifically agreed in the particular case. The Purchaser is irrevocably bound by the Purchase Order.

Complaints Procedure

Checking goods when picked up by the carrier - Complaint of damaged shipment

The buyer is obliged to check that the shipment has not shown any damage during shipment before taking the shipment from the carrier. If so, then he / she is also required to check whether the goods in the consignment have been damaged. The buyer has the right not to take the damaged shipment.

Delivery procedure by DHL or DPD

Damaged shipment is ideal to solve with the driver. So, write down the complaint log, send the mail, and email us about the problem. If you find mechanical damage to the contents of the shipment after pickup, please contact us at or We will exchange the goods and solve complain with the transport company.

Delivery procedure by the Czech Post

If you find mechanical damage to the shipment after pickup, you can file a claim at your shipping post at the latest following business day. Take a complete shipment (both packaging and content with an invoice). Please notify us by e-mail to or Attach the scanned Czech Post complaints report to the email and provide information about damage and contact with you. We will contact you and we will discuss with you how to fix the problem.

Complaint of Incomplete Shipment

If you do not agree with the quantity or kind of goods we have sent you, please accept our apology for this inappropriateness and please let us fix this error by promptly handling your claim. Please send us a message to or and enter the invoice number or order number and the difference in delivery. We will contact you and we will discuss with you how to fix the problem.

Goods Check - Takeover Quality

Buyer is required to check the quality of the delivered goods without undue delay. You can reveal obvious defects (obvious defects are those that might have been detected during the normal inspection of the goods if normal (usual) attention was maintained.) For example, or if the magazine is not missing, something is not broken. In the event of such a defect found after the takeover, the customer may request a replacement, repair, or discount from the purchase price. The customer is entitled to a replacement if it is not a disproportionate requirement (for example, the defect can not be eliminated by some simple action, such as tightening the screw). It is necessary to inform the seller of these defects within three days of receipt of the goods.

Warranty Terms (Product Liability)

The warranty terms are defined in the instruction manual or in the warranty certificate. If, due to its nature, the goods are not equipped with the special instructions for use and the warranty certificate, the guarantee conditions, as defined in the invoice - the invoice, apply to them. For consumer goods, the warranty expires by its use (balls, gas ...). Unless otherwise stated, the warranty period is 2 years from the date of sale. The warranty applies exclusively to manufacturing defects of the goods and does not cover its service life or wear and tear.

How to claim

If you require a claim on our product, first contact us and describe the problem. (Email or Problems can often be solved by the Technical Board.

If you send goods by mail, please send it to the address: ArmaPro s.r.o, Husova 1955, 53003 Pardubice, Czech Republic. Attach the original invoice or cash receipt. Also cover letter with a description of the problem and the complete address where the goods are to be sent after the repair. Send the goods in a secure package (preferably in the original) in order to avoid damage during transport. We recommend insuring the shipment in case of loss.

Complaint procedure

After receipt of the goods into the complaint procedure, the eligibility of the claim will be assessed. That is, whether the customer has used the goods in accordance with the instructions for use and is not intended for wear and tear (wear and tear caused by their usual use). The time for settling the claim, including the removal of the defect, is a maximum of 30 days.

If a claim is recognized as a defect in the product during the warranty period product will be repaired under warranty free of charge. Out-of-warranty repairs or modifications are subject to prior agreement by the customer. Both the parts and the after-sales service to the customer. Complaint procedures are governed by applicable laws.

Other rights and obligations of the parties

The buyer acquires ownership of the goods by paying the full purchase price of the goods.

The seller is not bound by any codes of conduct in relation to the buyer in the sense of § 1826 (1) e) the Civil Code.

The out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes under the purchase contract is the relevant ADR (out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes). The Czech Trade Inspection, with registered office at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Praha 2, ID: 000 20 869, Internet address: http: //www.coi. cz,

The seller is authorized to sell the goods on the basis of a trade license. The trade license is carried out within the scope of its competence by the relevant Trade Licensing Office. Supervision of the area of ​​personal data protection is carried out by the Office for Personal Data Protection. The Czech Trade Inspection exercises, among other things, the supervision of the observance of Act No. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended.

The buyer hereby takes on the risk of changing circumstances in accordance with Section 1765 (2) of the Civil Code.

Electronic Revenue Records (EET)

Under the Sales Records Act, the seller is required to issue a receipt to the buyer. At the same time, he is required to register the received revenue with the tax administrator online; in the event of a technical failure, within 48 hours at the latest.