Large tactical paper target no.8 - hostage [ESP]Large tactical paper target no.8 - hostage [ESP]

Large tactical paper target no.8 - hostage

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Tactical target 85 x 60cm on high quality paper. Very realistic for defensive shooting training. Inside the body are also depicted internal organs for better evaluation of interventions. Price for 1pc.

Tactical target series – A new route to the shooters’ reality training

A target facility is one of the main features within the shooters’ training in shooting ranges. A well-made target not only increases the training attractiveness, and thus also the motivation of present participants, but it also results in the required preciseness and awareness of the optimal placement of shots.

Generation for the new millennium

The development of such targets has been relatively long and complicated. ESP approached the manufacture only after the intensive around the world collection of information and long-term experimenting (in 1995, they prepared the first black and white series with glue ups and, in 2003 and 2004, they produced coloured photo-targets with anatomic zones) and progressive processing of requirements coming from within the modern way of training. The maximal utilisation of experience from real fights and of specific requirements of many units in our country, but also abroad, became the key feature in the development. In the end, the following requirements have become the main criteria for the completion of the “Tactical Target Series”:

  • colour design as close to the real images as possible
  • two hit zones – the central vital one presenting the “deadly hit”, and the one farther from the centre - the “wounding” zone. It was also important to mark the so-called “not scoring fringe”, where any hitting would possibly cause a minor injury, but definitively not the more important impulse stopping the enemy
  • lines marking the zones with their shading are not too distinct. They are rather less clear from a distance because we believe that they should only help in final evaluation at closer inspections
  • anatomically designed scheme of internal organs that should provide for at least some idea of the effectiveness of hits, according to their placements. These lines are also clear only at a shorter distance, when the hits are counted and holes covered by tape
  • out of focus “blurred” background that should not “light up” at night or at dusk and allow for efficient “night” training. It should not create a clearly visible outlines of a person in the terrain, or at a longer distance


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The history of this Czech company dates back to 1992 when it was established. A few years later – in 1996, the ESP company started to produce a wide range of professional security products. Their activity in the past years resulted in the development of new accessories, which represent an integrated set of devices intended for personal protection.