Magazine for WE G17 and 18c [WE]Magazine for WE G17 and 18c [WE]

Magazine for WE G17 and 18c

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Magazine for WE G17 and 18c [WE]Magazine for WE G17 and 18c [WE]

Full metal magazine for WE Glock 17 and 18c series. Capacity 24 BBs.


Since the early 80's, WE-Tech had been the premiere developer & manufacturer of steel molds for many major airsoft companies for more than 20 years. With the ever growing airsoft market comes WE-Tech reputation as being one of the foremost maker of steel molds, thus laying the foundation for our own excellent line of airsoft products today. In 2003, WE-Tech launched first line of gas blowback pistols and have never look back since. From being a professional steel mold manufacturer over 30 years ago to creating own line of full-metal airsoft pistols and rifles, the journey has been tough, but satisfying. The combination of experience, skills and the relentless pursuit of excellence is what define WE-Tech in the airsoft industry today.