Trigger block for M4/M16 [MadBull]Trigger block for M4/M16 [MadBull]

Trigger block for M4/M16

Manufacturer: MadBull
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Trigger block for M4/M16 [MadBull]Trigger block for M4/M16 [MadBull]

Spare trigger block for AEGs M4/M16 series. Screw and spring included.


MAD BULL Airsoft

was established in 2004 in Taiwan. It is a world famous company that manufactures upgrade parts for AEG and GBBR’s. Madbull has licensing from real steel companies like Noveske, Troy, Stark, Vickers Tactical, Barrett, Daniel Defense and Adam’s Arms. They produce a wide variety of inner parts such as barrels, hop-ups, cylinders, springs, grips, silencers etc.