CNC gear set with piston and spacers [AimTop]CNC gear set with piston and spacers [AimTop]

CNC gear set with piston and spacers

Manufacturer: AimTop
Product SKU: 198
Availability: > 5 pcs
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Set of the Super high torque gears and the reinforced piston. Include all three gears, shims for proper instalation, reinforced piston and pinion gear. Suitable for all AEGs except M14,M1A1 Thompson and PSG1. Whole alloy molding. New gear design. Auto friction adjustment.Gear ratio: 26:1. Light and durable reinforced piston with the full metal teeth. Combine with spring M120,M135,M150 and up.

 Material  Metal alloy
 Application  For all gearboxes except Thompson ,M14 and PSG1
 Purpose  Max torque for the strongest springs
 Weight  65,4g gear + 15,6g piston


AIM TOP International

was founded in 1993 in Taiwan as an leading manufacture for Airsoft and paintball components. AIM Top is known for their AEG platform as their most known products are their clone AEG’s. They also sell upgrade parts for the AEG and produce consumables like Green gas and BB’s.