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Tappet plate - V2 [Prometheus]Tappet plate - V2 [Prometheus]
Tappet plate - V2 [Prometheus]Tappet plate - V2 [Prometheus]
Tappet plate - V2 [Prometheus]Tappet plate - V2 [Prometheus]
Tappet plate - V2 [Prometheus]Tappet plate - V2 [Prometheus]

Tappet plate - V2

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Manufacturer Prometheus
Product SKU 6256
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Tappet plate for gearboxes version 2. The Prometheus PERFECT Tappet Plate is a reinforced, perfectly durable and hard tappet plate for your Version 2 AEG gearbox .Made in Japan.


is one of the brands of japanese manufacturer of upgrade parts Laylax. The Prometheus brand focuses on parts for gearboxes and barrels. Their heavy-duty gears, stainless steel and bronze barrels, are famous.

Laylax is an airsoft upgrade parts maker. Plan, design, and develop airsoft upgrade parts to satisfy and please all airsoft fans & players around the world. Offer not only custom upgrade parts but also tactical gears and variety of supplies, necessary for airsoft game. Other brands of LayLax are PSS, NineBall and Nitro.

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