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Pinion gear - O shape [SRC]Pinion gear - O shape [SRC]
Pinion gear - O shape [SRC]Pinion gear - O shape [SRC]

Pinion gear - O shape

Manufacturer SRC
Product SKU 1309
Availability 1 piece ready to ship
140 Kč incl. VAT

Pinion gear for motors. It is suitable for electromotors with rhe round axle. Gear is not fixed by nut screw.


SRC, which is short for Starrainbow Company, was founded in Taiwan back in 1993. It first started out as a wholesaling company focusing on supplying the domestic toy market. Because of the ever growing interest in Airsoft throughout the globe, SRC decided to start selling imported Airsoft Guns. In the same time plans of starting in house manufacturing of Airsoft guns. The step from being a sales company to becoming a producing company is a major leap that involves huge investments. But the aim was clear, to become one of the world’s best Airsoft producers. Now SRC manufactures its own weapons and a large number of parts and accessories.