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Delayer [AirsoftPro]Delayer [AirsoftPro]
Delayer [AirsoftPro]Delayer [AirsoftPro]


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Manufacturer AirsoftPro
Product SKU 439
Availability ETA 27th January 2022
70 Kč incl. VAT

The purpose of the delayer is to keep HopUp chamber open for a longer time. It is mounted on the piston gear. It fit without gluing or fasten. Just press it between pin and axle. This small device could solve your problems with the bullets feeding. For exmaple on HROF guns. Before instalation remove brass ring, which is on the piston gear. If this ring is part of the axle, this cam cannot be used.

 Material  Brass
 Usage  For the most of the gears
 Purpose  Solving problems with the bullets feeding
 Weight  0,1g


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