Silicone HopUp bucking, 70 degrees [SHS]Silicone HopUp bucking, 70 degrees [SHS]

Silicone HopUp bucking, 70 degrees

Manufacturer: SHS
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Description Silica gel rubber material. Resistant to temperature fluctuations. Not include rubber nob.


SHS Airsoft is one of the leading airsoft suppliers from Hong Kong, selling a large variety of AEG upgrade parts. It‘s very well known for their well-priced upgrade parts, such as their motors, gearboxes, gear sets, cylinders, barrels and hop-ups.

SHS also includes the Super Shooter brand (premium SHS parts) and PPS (accessories and parts for gas and sniper rifles).

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Airsoft silicone oil (50ml) [AimTop]Airsoft silicone oil (50ml) [AimTop]

Airsoft silicone oil (50ml) [AimTop]

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