Silicone HopUp bucking [Guarder]Silicone HopUp bucking [Guarder]

Silicone HopUp bucking

Manufacturer: Guarder
Product SKU: 277
Availability: This product will be approx. in stock 10th December 2021

HopUp rubber made of 50° silicone gel. It is suitable for year-round use, because silicone doesn't change its properties depending on the temperature. Suitable for springs M90 - M120. The package also includes hopup nub.



is a world-famous brand of the Taiwanese Intruder Shop, which was introduced in 1997. The Intruder Shop itself was founded even earlier, in 1994 as a provider of police equipment to the local market. However at the turn of the millennium, it focuses mainly on airsoft and becomes one of the most famous brands in airsoft. Guarder offers a wide range of parts and accessories for airsoft weapons - from springs, cylinders, pistons, through mounts and gun accessories, to BBs. Guarder is also known for its quality upgrade parts for airsoft replicas.