Ultimate 6,01 mm Tightbore Barrel 300 mm [MadBull]Ultimate 6,01 mm Tightbore Barrel 300 mm [MadBull]

Ultimate 6,01 mm Tightbore Barrel 300 mm

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Ultimate 6,01 mm Tightbore Barrel 300 mm [MadBull]Ultimate 6,01 mm Tightbore Barrel 300 mm [MadBull]

World first (maybe the only) T6 7075 aircraft alloy airsoft barrel. 6.01mm precision tightbore 300mm with hard anodized coating and titanium color finish. Ultimate tensile strength & hardness.

What is T6 7075 Aircraft Alloy material?
From Wikipedia: Aluminium alloy 7075 is an aluminium alloy, with zinc as the primary alloying element. It is strong, with a strength comparable to many steels, and has good fatigue strength and average machinability, but has less resistance to corrosion than many other Al alloys. Its relatively high cost limits its use to applications where cheaper alloys are not suitable.

Inner barrel is componet which affect fire range and accuracy. The bore of this barrel is so tight around the BB that even the smallest obstruction in the barrel will cause a jam when fired. This barrel is recommended ONLY for advanced/experienced players that take the responsibility to clean their barrels regularly in order to avoid jams. We recommend the use of high quality ammunition.


MAD BULL Airsoft

was established in 2004 in Taiwan. It is a world famous company that manufactures upgrade parts for AEG and GBBR’s. Madbull has licensing from real steel companies like Noveske, Troy, Stark, Vickers Tactical, Barrett, Daniel Defense and Adam’s Arms. They produce a wide variety of inner parts such as barrels, hop-ups, cylinders, springs, grips, silencers etc.