SILKAL 93 Silicon oil (400ml) [Coyote]SILKAL 93 Silicon oil (400ml) [Coyote]

SILKAL 93 Silicon oil (400ml)

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SILKAL 93 Silicon oil (400ml) [Coyote]SILKAL 93 Silicon oil (400ml) [Coyote]
Description Silkal 93 - an ideal lubricant for bearings, pins, sealings, innder parts of the gas weapon, good for lubricating the cylinders. Water-repellent. Eliminates squeaks. Nurses and sealing plastics Compared to mineral oils loses useful properties even at temperatures below 0 ° C and above 150 ° C and resists oxidation at higher temperatures. It protects against moisture leather, chrome, nickel and other materials. Before hitting protect the windows of motor vehicles. Do not apply to objects hotter than 240 ° C. When using this product, follow the recommendations contained in its wrapper.