Antifog Cloth in grip seal bag [Abbey]Antifog Cloth in grip seal bag [Abbey]

Antifog Cloth in grip seal bag

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Anti Fog Cloth provides a quick and easy way to remove condensation from googles, visors and scopes.

A simple wipe over equipment stops condensation forming to fog your vision and ruin your game.

In addition, the grip seal bag keeps your cloth clean, full of anti-fogging sloution and ready to use for when you need it most.


  • Extremely portable and convenient for many situations
  • Grip seal bag keeps the cloth safe and full of the anti foggins solution
  • A perfect supplementary product to Anti Fog Spray
  • Large area 18,5 ×13 cm

This effective and convenient solution to fogging makes a great addition to your range of gun and personal care equipment.

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Anti Fog Spray (150ml)

Anti Fog Spray (150ml) [Abbey]

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