Airsoft BBs G&G Perfect 0,25g 4000pcs - white [G&G]Airsoft BBs G&G Perfect 0,25g 4000pcs - white [G&G]

Airsoft BBs G&G Perfect 0,25g 4000pcs - white

Manufacturer: G&G
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G&G is known for making quality airsoft guns and has released their own brand of high grade airsoft BBs. One of the most popular BBs out in the market. G&G's Precision airsoft BB's are guaranteed to work with all tightbore airsoft inner barrels, measuring 5.95mm +/- .01mm. These perfect G&G BB's are uniform both in weight and size, providing you with greater accuracy and shot consistency.



is a taiwan manufacturer with a long tradition. It offers high quality processing, advanced electronics, very good performance thanks to high-quality internal parts and reliability. The brand is intensely building a relationship with the airsoft community and is particularly popular abroad.