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Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]
Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]
Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]
Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]
Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]
Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]
Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]
Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE [Vorsk]

Airsoft GBB pistol VX-14 - FDE

Manufacturer Vorsk
Product SKU 14976
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3 490 Kč incl. VAT

The VX-14 is a GBB Airsoft Pistol that brings together features usually found on Hi-Capa and 1911/MEU airsoft replicas.

Using the double stacked powerhouse that is the Hi-Capa magazine you can be assured of the performance of this airsoft replica as it delivers BBs downrange with an incredibly satisfying recoil experience. The half length rail and curved trigger guard taken from 1911/MEU models ensures 1911 holster compatibility whilst also delivering a slightly more ‘traditional’ look when compared to the more audacious Hi-Capa series.

The slide features green fibre sights, tied together front and rear by the integrated slide ridge rail that was first seen on the VX-9 AGENCY from VORSK. This ridge rail adds some noticeable weight to the slide and is a very satisfying experience when bouncing off of the return spring during engagements. It also boosts the side-profile of the pistol giving it a very bulky look when compared to standard 1911/MEU models.

Another borrowed feature from the AGENCY is the inclusion of the 6.03 mm Tightbore Barrel Extending Suppressor Kit that will help deliver a small boost in FPS and Range, great for the target range and completing the look of this imposing sidearm.

The pistol grip is injection moulded plastic, providing a suitably sturdy yet noticeably chunky grip due to the double stacked magazine within. The grip features a wave-“v” pattern which is also found on the Mag-Release button, another nice touch.

With modern pistol features such as fibre sights, polymer grips and contemporary styling all applied to the typically traditional, 1911 frame profile - the VX-14 is bound to be a head-turner in the safe-zone whilst being an effective sidearm on the field.

Vorsk pistols bring an interesting revival of the airsoft pistol market. At first glance, the higher price replaces the original appearance, very rich accessories and premium packaging. It is an airsoft pistol that is powered by gas (GBB pistol). However, it is possible buy a CO2 magazine. Some models include one spare gas nozzle in the package plus one nozzle for CO2 usage.

The magic of gas airsoft weapons is very high realism. It is necessary to pull the slide back to load first BB, which is accompanied by a typical metal click. The slide kick back after each shot and remain in a back possition after last round. The weapon also allows fairly realistic disassembly. The contact surfaces of moving parts should be maintained without impurities and lubricated with silicone grease or silicone oil.

The most distinctive features of the pistol are:

  • CNC monobloc metal slide
  • Polymer grip for optimal grip
  • Green Fibre-Optic Sights
  • Metal frame
  • Barrel Extending Suppressor Kit
  • External metal barrel with thread for silencer
  • Internal barrel: 6.03 x 113 (+130) mm
  • Reinforced nozzle
  • 23 BBs magazine
  • Weight: 991 grams
  • Unique serial number engraved on frame.
  • Gas and CO2 compatible

The Vorsk replicas are inspired by the finest and most advanced combat and competition handgun designs on the market. The VORSK brand transposes these innovative and modern concepts to the Airsoft market thrue a totally new range of GBB pistols.

General info
Shooting mode
Semi action
Gas with blowback (GBB)
Estimated performance (+/- 10%)
BB energy
1,2 J
Power source
110 m/s (361 FPS)
Theoretical range
50 m
Appropriate BBs weight
Outer specifications
223 / 342 mm
~991 g
Metal alloy
Silencer thread
M12x1 CW inner
Inner specifications
Inner barrel
~113+130 mm x 6,03 mm
Metal, adjustable
Magazine capacity
Magazine material
SKU 6209
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