Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]

Processor unit V3

Manufacturer: JeffTron
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Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]
Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]
Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]
Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]
Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]Processor unit V3 [JeffTron]

Professionally made program-controlled device with motor active braking, designed for airsoft electric guns (AEG). It adds new ways of shooting, controls rate of fire, pre-cocking, active braking and low battery indication. Device is fully integrated inside the gearbox version 3 instead of the original trigger contacts, compatible with Tokyo Marui standard. It can be used into guns type: AK, G36, SIG, FN FAL, MP5k,..

Main parameters:
- Easy installation inside the Gearbox version 3
- It preserves trigger mechanical lock in SAFE position
- Six new shooting modes, one of them is unique compared processor units located outside gearbox
- Adjustable burst (from factory are 3 shots, it can be changed in the range 1 - 10 shots)
- Smooth change rate of fire using PWM motor control
- Pre-cocking function for instant shot in SEMI fire
- Quick first shot at reduced rate of fire
- Mosfet with motor active braking
- Adjustable strength of active braking (can be also disabled)
- Low battery indication 2S and 3S Li-pol, 3S li-fe and 3S li-on
- Monitoring current, voltage and temperature of Processor unit components
- Trigger gun is used for programming this device, motor vibrates as a feedback for user
- Programmed settings are stored in processor unit memory, so it doesn't loose changes after disconnection the battery

Fire modes:
- Save - Semi – Auto (unchanged gun function)
- Save - Semi - Burst/Auto
- Save - Semi - Semi
- Save - Semi - Burst
- Save - Semi - Semi (delay between shots, motor vibration when it is ready to fire)
- Save - Burst - Burst/Auto
- Save - Semi/Burst - Burst/Auto (unique fire mode only in this drop-in processor unit)

- Only for electric airsoft guns with gearbox version 3 with switch designed according the Tokyo Marui company. It couldn't be used for AUG guns.
- Devices without wires, you can use max. 1,5qmm (AWG16) power wires and 0,25qmm (AWG21) signal wires
- Designed for spring M160 and ROF 25bb/s. For higher load please use Extreme processor unit (it is outside gearbox)
- For right function is necessary to have a functional gearbox cut off lever, selector plate, reverse latch, trigger and trigger block, as it has the standard gearbox
- Specified for common batteries up to 14V (Ni-xx 8.4 - 12V, lipol 7.4 - 11.1V)
- Current device consumption only 4.5 mA in idle state
- Device increases gun rate of fire and battery holds longer, than with basic wiring
- With active braking in semi fire mode piston isn't partially stretched, spring is fully released, parts in mechabox aren't under strain and nozzle locks hop-up chamber in greater part (depends on ROF)
- In weapons with very high rate of fire (ROF) active break solves multiple shots in semi mode
- The braking effect is the most powerful with high torque motor
- In auto fire mode piston stops in random position due the mechabox design. But it stops much faster with active brake

PACKING: Device, screw, pad for screw to keep device in position and installation manual in English

WARNING: Installation of this device leave to expert, who could solder and disassemble airsoft gun. Never user soldering gun!
We can't guarantee 100% compatibility with all gearboxes, but processor unit will fit into standard and common brand's gearboxes without larger modifications.

VIDEO: How Processor unit - V3 works (functions are same as in processor unit V2)

VIDEO - Right working cut off lever with microswitch in the Processor unit - V3:

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