MOSFET Micro [Grizzly]MOSFET Micro [Grizzly]


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MOSFET Micro [Grizzly]MOSFET Micro [Grizzly]
MOSFET Micro [Grizzly]MOSFET Micro [Grizzly]
MOSFET Micro [Grizzly]MOSFET Micro [Grizzly]

MOSFET offers contactless switching of any circuit. In AEG, it's used to supplement mechanical contacts when the trigger is pulled.

Advantages of using our MOSFET:

  • Contactless switching. 
  • No more damage to the trigger contacts by high current - only signal current going through.
  • Increases rate of fire as well as battery life.
  • Works with all commonly used batteries (Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd/Li-Pol/Li-Ion/Li-Fe) with voltage 6,6V-14,8V.
  • Designed primarily for all AEGs - airsoft electric guns.

MOSFET Micro description:

  • Compact dimensions 13,7x7x4,8mm allow use in tiny spaces of your AEG.
  • Maximum current up to 100A - recommended use in correctly working replica is with spring up to M130 and rate of fire up to 28bbs/s.
  • Power wires can be used up to 1,5mm2 (AWG16), signal up to 0,25mm2 (AWG24).
  • Connected by two wires to each element - battery, motor, trigger contacts (see scheme).
  • Built-in voltage stabilisation keeps MOSFET fully used at all times.


  • If you do not need compact device, choose MOSFET Classic, for even higher load choose MOSFET Ultra
  • If you are not familiar with soldering, choose alternative with complete wiring.

Package contents: 

  • MOSFET Micro
  • heat-shrink tubing for MOSFET
  • user manual with installation instructions


WARNING: MOSFET should be installed by qualified AEG professionals only. Manufacturer is not liable for any damage on the gun caused by unprofessional installation. Do not use soldering gun!