Silent piston head with the bearing [AirsoftPro]Silent piston head with the bearing [AirsoftPro]

Silent piston head with the bearing

Manufacturer: AirsoftPro
Product SKU: 63
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Low weight provides good rate of fire and shooting range. Six air channels at the front of the head conduct compressed air under the O-ring. This cause better sealing . Head is made of the rubber and it is not suitable for standard flat cylinder heads. Optimal is to use funnel cylinder head, which is also in our offer. Both parts fits and provides the best choice for your air-seal upgrade.

Axial bearing provide smooth rotation of the compressed spring and aluminium washer provide great durability and cannot crack as a plastic one.

Package include piston head, O-ring, aluminium washer, screw and axial bearing.

 Material  Aluminium
 Application   For all gearboxes with funnel cylinder head
 Purpose   Better sealing, shot range increase, quiter shots
 Weight  13,3g (complet)



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