DOUBLE sealing aluminium NBU nozzle for AK - 19,8 mm [AirsoftPro]DOUBLE sealing aluminium NBU nozzle for AK - 19,8 mm [AirsoftPro]

DOUBLE sealing aluminium NBU nozzle for AK - 19,8 mm

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DOUBLE sealing aluminium NBU nozzle for AK - 19,8 mm [AirsoftPro]DOUBLE sealing aluminium NBU nozzle for AK - 19,8 mm [AirsoftPro]
Description Aluminum durable nozzle for electric airsoft guns. It has an internal rubber o-rings to prevent loss of air during the shot and helps to increase FPS.


  • length 19,8 mm
  • two rubber seals are already in the nozzle
  • inner diameter 5.9mm - version NBU!
  • aluminum alloy 6061 T6
  • CNC production
  • polished smooth surface, red anodized
  • packed in PP Eurobag
  • length and type is inscribed on the nozzle body by a laser

Nozzle is NBU and seals only on NBU cylinder heads !!! Would be free at regular nozzle.

What is the NBU? This is shortcut of New Bore-Up. Parts (usually piston and cylinder head, cylinder and nozzle) have an enlarged internal diameter and can accommodate a larger volume of air. In order to achieve the appropriate effect, it is recommended to use the spring M130 and stringer

  • Please apply silicone oil on the cylinder head before nozzle put on.
  • Place the nozzle sensitively on the head to avoid damaging the thin rubber rings

Note: Different manufacturers may use different nozzle lengths for the same weapon model. Please make sure that nozzle length meet your needs. A poorly chosen nozzle fundamentally affects the performance, or gunfire-ability. Under ideal conditions, the nozzle should fully fit on the HopUp rubber band and not touch the chamber surface.



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