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Nozz-X adjustable nozzle base [Perun]Nozz-X adjustable nozzle base [Perun]
Nozz-X adjustable nozzle base [Perun]Nozz-X adjustable nozzle base [Perun]

Nozz-X adjustable nozzle base

Manufacturer Perun
Product SKU 12718
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Nozz-X is a modular, adjustable lenght nozzle system, which allows you to achieve perfect seal and reliable BB feeding.

Nozz-X nozzle is made of two parts which are sold separately.

You will still need to select a suitable nozzle tip for the base, see. Related products.

1. Universal base

Two o-rings with different thickness are included with each base, so that you can choose the one which provides 100% seal and smooth nozzle movement with most cylinder heads. The base is designed so, that it cannot make a full revolution once in the gearbox, which allows you to adjust the nozzle length with closed gearbox.

2. Tip - one of four available

Tips are offered in two lenghts which allow your nozzle to be between 19 and 23mm or 22,5 and 26,5mm long. Both lengths are available with small (SC) or large chamfers (LC) - less or more sloped edges. Each combination of the barrel, bucking and hop chamber will be different. Therefore, is some cases a bigger chamfer will provide better seal, whereas in other small chamfer will be more suitable. Nozz-X allows you to adjust shape of the nozzle tip to your setup.


was established in 2016 with the aim of designing and manufacturing MOSFET devices and other parts for AEGs. Perun offers you products that will work reliably even in most extreme situations and enhance the capabilities of your replicas. All of Perun design work and most of manufacturing is done in the European Union state of Poland. That allows Perun to reach the main goal - keep the highest quality possible. Perun is in constant contact with players, airsoft techs, shops and consult with them to ensure, that the products satisfy their needs.

SKU 12721
Adjustable nozzle Nozz-X SC 22.5-26.5mm tip [Perun]

Perun Adjustable nozzle Nozz-X SC 22.5-26.5mm tip

165 Kč
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165 Kč incl. VAT