Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]

Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB

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Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]
Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]
Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]
Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]
Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]
Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]
Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]
Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]Urban Assault Rifle (UAR501) DEB [APS]
Description du produit

The UAR is short for Urban Assault Rifle. This gun has been designed for close quarter combat (CQC). The body of the gun is made of reinforced polyfibre + PA6 plastic which is incredibly light and durable. The standard UAR comes with an APS No.3 HYBRiD Mecha Box which is fully compatible with all V3 Gearbox's in the market place today so upgrading a piston or bushing or bearing shouldn't be a problem

  • Three Magazine Release button:

Unlike a traditional SMG, the UAR501 has three magazine release buttons. Two buttons located at the front part of the gun near the trigger guard and the other button located next to the magazine housing at the back. Three magazine release buttons allow users to release the magazine when they find themselves in different tactical situations. This feature alone advertises one of the UAR's principal selling points. It can be used by both left handed and right handed operators.

  • Fully ambidextrous mirror design for both left handers or right handed operators:

The UAR501 utilises a mirror design methodology. The magazine Release buttons are located on both left and right sides of the gun. The cocking handle has a quick detach function allowing you to place the handle on either left or right side of the gun. This gun has been designed from the ground up to be the most fully ambidextrous gun available today.

  • Adjustable Hop Up and functional bolt release catch:

Similar to our APS ASR Series, the bolt can be locked backward which will allow the operator to easily adjust the Hop Up during a game or at your leisure. After adjustment, operators can simply press down the bolt release button located on the top of the butt stock to release the bolt back to its original position.

  • Four Sided Tactical RIS Rail

The standard UAR501 comes with 4 RIS rails. The top rail is where you can find a shallow groove down in the middle allowing operators to perform a very quick "guns on" aiming at a target without needing any sights and scopes. There is no denying that a quick reaction and a quick aim is essential in a CQC situation and its here that the UAR can definitely help.

  • Unique and patented outward appearance

The UAR has a unique patented outward appearance. The gun comes with a Dynamic trigger, Ergonomic Pistol Grip with room inside to place two 123A batteries and last but not least, a modified magazine housing allow operators to perform tactical speed reload with the minimal of trouble. The design of the larger trigger guard is extremely helpful when an operator is wearing gloves.

  • V3 Mecha Box feeds standard M4 Magazines (High Cap)

The UAR501 incorporates a14mm CCW thread which allows you to install an aftermarket silencer or barrel extension. The non-blow back features of the UAR reduce the battery consumption to as low as possible. The UAR uses our APS No.3 HYBRiD Mecha Box and feeds standard M4 Magazines (Marui, G&P, ProArms High Cap etc) which is an incredibly useful benefit design in the Airsoft market. With the gun's unique bullpup design, the standard UAR501 is a medium size CQC gun. Comparable to an M4 in barrel length but a fraction of the overall size. But installing a 385mm inner barrel makes operators not only enjoy the flexibility of a great CQC gun but also the power and accuracy of a long barrel skirmish gun or DMR.

  • Easy Assembling and dissembling

One of the special designs requisites of this gun was that no tools should be required when assembling and dissembling it. The user can simply dissemble the gun by removing the 3 standard holding pins on the lower receiver. The unused main pins can then be inserted in specially prepared holes on the top rail. A standard stick Type battery can be placed in the front upper part of the gun. No tool is required to change the battery and users can normally re-assemble a gun in around 60 seconds.

  • Full Metal Hop Up Chamber and All-time upgrade available

Internally, the standard UAR501 comes with a genuine metal Hop Up chamber which is unique in an original gun coming with V3 Mecha Box. The standard velocity of this gun is site friendly around 350 FPS which is easily upgradable by changing the main spring with the help the Quick Spring Change Detach feature found on the HYBRiD Mecha Box. In addition, an extra 390 FPS spring comes with the original box. To conclude, the UAR is a brand new airlsoft gun which has never existed in the airsoft market before. It was designed for the airsoft market and is completely ambidextrous. With it's patented design, special user friendly functions and the upgradable and after market compatible features found on this gun, we strongly believe the UAR will become one of the most effective and popular bullpup weapons found in the Airsoft Industry.


APS Limited

formerly known as APS Airgun Ltd was established in 2001. APS started by specializing in designing and building Simulation Training Equipment (Real Action Markers & Powder Balls for training simulation). APS - the three words stand for Accuracy - Pneumatics - Shooting. With their knowledge and experience that has been gained from making Real Action Markers and Projectiles, APS launched a new product line - Electronic Blow Back (EBB) products to spur the current Airsoft Market. Since they started producing airsoft replicas, their products have become very popular.

Information de base
Mode(s) de tir
l'action et un et dose
Électrique (AEG)
Performance estimée (+/- 10%)
Energie (J)
Vitesse de la bille (m/s)
Vitesse de la bille (fps)
Portée théorique (m)
Boules de poids appropriés
Spécifications externes
Taille (mm)
Poids (g)
Corps en plastique avec petites pièces métalliques
Plastique (ou fibre), solide
En plastique ou en fibre
Spécifications internes
Longueur du canon interne (mm)
+/- 340mm
Alliage métallique
8mm métal
alliage métallique
nylon avec 7 dents en métal
Tête de piston
Tête en nylon
Métal réglable Hop-Up
Type de chargeurs
Haute capacité
Batterie conseillée
Mini Block (acheter ici)
Mini Tamiya
Emplacement de la batterie
En stock
Contenu du paquet
Chargeur de batterie
springs M120, second magazine, QD sling mount
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